Saturday, February 9, 2013


We just received some fresh now.  It could have been alot worse.  I'm thinking 4-5 inches, but even that is hard to tell now with so much drifting going on.  The wind is wiping some areas of the yard clean of snow and piling it up at other areas.  Genevieve and I are home alone this weekend since the boys have gone camping with Trent's Cub Scout troup at Hawk Mountain.  We hope they are having a good time as we tend to the house.  Here's some photos of the snow around here!

Thunder didn't stay outside long....he enjoys a good romp, but quickly hightailed it back in the house!

If I'm not tired enough from hand shoveling our 60' plus driveway....(the snow blower is buried in the shed and I've never been 'trained' on it.), my next project today is to try a new cake recipe. My boss has fueled my love of cooking (she also is a great cook) by giving me lots of her favorite cookbooks.  We always discuss what recipes we've tried and like.  She gave me 2 of the Gourmet Today books (Ruth Reichl, author).  One has a yellow cover and one a green.  This recipe comes from the green covered edition, which ironically I recently saw a ton of them for sale dirt cheap at OLLIES in Muhlenberg.  I use the yellow book more than the green, but there is some awesome things in the green as well.  It's worth picking up if you find it cheap. :)  What I will attempt to make today is found on page 717 and is across the page from a Banana Chocolate Walnut Cake that I've made quite afew times and love.  This one, is called ELVIS PRESLEY'S FAVORITE POUND CAKE.  Kenny's first comment was.....why do you want to make his cake?  He died all fat!!!  Leave that one to sarcastic husbands! HA!  One thing I like about the recipe??  It uses 7 EGGS!!!!  When you get 5 a day, that is great for using a bunch up in one shot!  It looks slightly labor intensive and involves 3 sifts of the flour and a tube pan.  Here is a link to the recipe I found on the internet for your perusal.  My bundt pan is 2 piece.....recipe specifically says do not use a 2 pc pan.  SO....over to the neighbor's with a dozen eggs to share to beg for the use of a bundt pan!  SUCCESS! 

I'll work on the cake a little later and let you all know how it turns out!  I have high hopes for the King of Rock and Roll's favorite cake!  Might have to slather it with P.B and Bananas!

I should probably play his music while I'm working on it....for good luck!  :)

Sweatin' to the oldies.