Saturday, February 16, 2013

7 Egg Cake Review and OH MY shocking egg!

My review on the Elvis Cake:

FIrst let me start by saying it was pretty labor intensive, however, I had no issues during the process.  I have been having issues cracking the eggs break so easily, they just usually crack in half when you tap them on the counter.  Motherclucker eggs take more effort to crack and then the shell continues to shatter into tiny pieces and usually end up with one or 2 in the batter.  I usually try to crack the eggs into a dish now, one at a time, so I am able to better fish out these pieces.  The egg is so snotty in consistancy, it's near impossible to get the shell piece out because the egg stretched back into the dish pulling the shell piece with it.  It's pretty funny when it happens, but when I was doing it in brownie mix, I eventually gave up and baked it. Ironically, no one crunched on it when it was served, so I was relieved!  If you recall from my previous post, this receipe requires 7 eggs.  That interests me because I usually get 5 a day if everyone lays, so we have plenty to use.  Making this cake, I also followed my gut and cracked each egg into a little bowl one at a time.  Glad I decided to do this as about egg #3, hailing from Grun, our Welsummer with the pretty dark eggs....looked like this:

Now when i posted a picture of this egg on my Facebook page, my friends were commenting that the egg looked fertilized. (ALL my eggs are fertilized!)  What they mean't appeared to have started developing.  That cannot be.  I collect eggs daily and put them in the fridge.  It would take afew days of incubating and most hens don't start incubating until they lay a clutch so I cannot believe that this was the case.  More than likely, something was going on inside this hen and just so happen to get involved in the contruction of this egg.  There is some weird looking matter in their...maybe some skin and a broken blood vessel.  No worries as it is normal to received deformed, unformed and any other weird looking eggs from young hens.  It was a fluke and we have not found another since.  You never know what you'll find.  For the record, this yolk broke when it landed in the dish, so it looks a little more mangled that it should.  :)

Back to the cake!  Elvis' cake baked up perfect!  It was a very nice consistancy and had a good taste.  We all determined it would be great with fruit or a fruit topping.  Unfortunately, I had not prepared ahead for that and we settled for some chocolate syrup drizzled over it.  This cake will be great during the summer when fresh fruit is plentiful!  Will definitely make the cake again. 

 It's going to be another cold one tonight and we keep getting small accumulations of snow that mostly melt away quick during the day.  Last night's snow is still covering most  of our acre, but 5 miles down the hill at my mother and father's house, it was all gone!  Enjoy it while you can....hopefully winter will be out of here shortly!  This gang prefers not to be in the snow, but they love being outside.  Genny and I got home around 5:00 tonight, but let the gang out and they enjoyed about an hour foraging in what little grass is exposed!