Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thar She Blows!

Hope everyone is doing well and not hit too hard from the hurricane!  I was very worried for our feathered friends.  Monday, when the storm was scheduled to hit, I went to work to get some time in.  I left the birds in their run and figured I'd close them up in the henhouse when I got back.  By the time I got home from work, the rain had already started and I spent alot of time rounding them up.  As I'd get them into the henhouse, another would try to jump out.  It was a vicious cycle and the last to go was Lila.  I was trying to coax him up with the girls and he kept coming at me.  (It's getting old)  I think I spent 1/2 hour out there trying to get they all shut in.  At least, it felt like a long time!  Meanwhile, their feathers were all wet from being out in the blowing rain.  I guess they aren't too smart.  I figured they'd put themselves away when the weather got bad.  Now I know!  Anyway, worried about them all night in the high winds.  Not only did the coop not falter, they seemed all too excited to come out when I left them out later the next day when the wind died down to a dull roar. 

Production Update

We are still averaging 2 brown eggs per day.  Every now and then we skip a day or 2 of the second egg.  I have gotten one more soft egg and another that was softer than normal, but you could actually pick it up and the shell was calcified.  Wishing the other girls would start laying, but we'll take what we get.  I haven't had to buy eggs since they started laying and we've even taken some to share with our camping friends the other week.  I've still been using the same carton as I've been using as they've been laying.  So much for the huge pile of cartons I've been saving since the chick days!  Hoping at some point we will have more eggs to spare.  Would like to be generous with our gifts! 

The party lights have been turned off.  We noticed that they actually stay lit all night.  I'm doubting that it affects their sleep, but Kenny turned the switch off.  Once the clocks change this weekend I will think about turning them on again.  We'll see how it goes. 


One of my high school friends graciously gave me an open bag of Purina Layena she had purchased to feed a white turkey who was living in her neighborhood.  The turkey met an untimely death as dinner to a fox.  Since she knew about our chickens, she asked if I wanted it.  Being the same feed they are currently on, we accepted.  That will delay me starting them on their organic diet.  When I am ready for more feed, I will definitely be hitting up the Amish man down in Oley.  I'll definitely try to document that expedition.  :)

Thanks for checking in!