Saturday, November 3, 2012

And Now For Something Completely Different

Well, I promised some recipes and I'm finally doing something worthy of sharing!  I'm stepping out of my comfort box today and trying some new things.  We got up early today and hit afew farmers markets/flea markets.  In our travels, we passed the orchard down the street from my office.  So we stopped in and picked up about 12 lbs of 'seconds' for $4.  The woman actually mixed varieties specifically for my applesauce idea!  I decided to try 2 different recipes.  The first one is Cranberry Applesauce.  Lucky for me, I found cranberries at the market!  The benefit for the chickens?  CHICKEN TREATS!  They get the cores and scraps.  GET THE RECIPE HERE!

Straining the cooked sauce. 
I will also be making regular sauce for the kiddos.  Trent liked the slightly tart cranberry apple, but Genny said she did not.  The recipe called for 2 cups cranberries, and the bag held about 3.  I didn't beef up the sugar because I don't like lots of sugar in my apple sauce.  Here is the recipe I am going to make with the remainder of the apples:
This time I will peel the skins so I can just mash.  I prefer a chunky style sauce.  The strainer did work great and I'm glad I tried it! 
The other project I did today was make some pickles!  Here is the recipe I used:
I made two 1/2 gallon jars of it (2 recipes).  I added more vinegar to the jars to completely cover the cucumbers/onions just to be safe.  The only thing it didn't specify is how long to let them cure before eating!  I guess I'll keep having taste tests!  I'm the only one who eats pickles in my house....lucky me!
Yes, I did hand slice them and all my fingers are still intact!  BONUS!
Finished product.  Got 2 jars and still have 2 cukes left.  They are think there is no way you will have enough but as you start cutting it's as if the whole thing starts expanding!
My final word for today is this.  My husband is going through some kind of crisis.  Today he spent $22 on a bb gun (for himself) at the flea market.  Then he bought Trent a $2 toy air rifle.  Trent hasn't put it down all day.  I'm not so into the guns thing.  Wasn't raised with them and think they are dangerous and not for kids.  BUT....if that stinkin Lila comes at me one more time.....he's gonna take a bb to his arse!!!  Genny was holding him today and I was checking him out.  He took the opportunity to peck me on the forehead and of course, it is a minor flesh wound.  This means war.

Going to disinfect...I don't know where that cock has been.....  ;)