Sunday, November 11, 2012

Observations from a Beautiful Day!

I spent most of this beautiful day in my kitchen doing what I like open, incense burning creating some wonderful things to eat.  I made and iced cupcakes, made a huge batch of meat spaghetti sauce..(I'd share that recipe, but I'd have to kill you!  Acutally, I was given a guideline to follow when I first started making it and now I pretty much do my own thing.), then I made kale and beans (another new favorite...first time trying it with kale...I used broccoli rabe the first time).  As you can expect......I spent my day throwing all the scraps to the birds!  Everytime I went outside, I had a little something to share with them!  Kenny spent his day shooting his new BB Gun and later, cleaning the entire coop out.  He even scrubbed the walls inside.  Those birds are messy and we figure this could be the last warm spell we get for a long time.  The birds were out all day and we noticed that it delayed their laying.  Our first egg today was from the Easter Egger....I'm pretty sure it's Prissy who's laying it.  Later, Rosa did her thing....and much later we found Weissy in the box.  3 eggs today!  Prissy skipped yesterday.  Hope she keeps an every other day schedule.  I do not expect her to lay as often as the Barred Rocks. 

The girls were fun to watch today.  They were all bathing in the dirt.  At one point, 3 of them were all crowded around Prissy's spot together (from pic the other day).  Needless to say, all of this bathing and scratching is starting to wear the yard.  It's going to be a long winter!  We have had no chicken destruction thus far, but all the books warn you.  I think this time of the year is just bad as grass and things are pretty much done for the season.  I took the opportunity to sprinkle some Diatomacious Earth in the spot so they would cover themselves with it and help if they have any lice or mites.  I haven't noticed anything with them, but I figure it would be a good preventative.   

We watched the girls scratching up their garden and watched closely as Rosa uncovered a worm and quickly slurped it up....just like a spaghetti noodle!  Genny and I were impressed with her hunting ability and Genny said, "She's so smart!".  Indeed she is!  I remember when they were chicks in the brooder.  The kids and I would scour for worms after the rain and bring them for the birds.  They would go nuts fighting over them.  Glad to see they are now finding their own worms.  :) 

Lila was also his pain in the butt self today.  He came after me afew times and also bit Genny.....most likely because I was nearby.  He cannot be trusted.  Kenny was tempted to put a BB to his head!  hahaha  He was put in the pen early (due to his misbehaved self) and when it was getting dusk, I heard him making his alert call.  He was calling the girls to bed, but they couldn't get in the coop because the door was closed!  I opened the door and they all rushed in to scramble for their spot on the roost bars.  Just as I said goodnight, the party lights came on!  Party in the in the coop!  I just can't help getting exciting when the solar rope lights kick on!  hahaha

Productive day in Chickenville!