Friday, March 22, 2013

Everything's Coming Up Roses?

Checking in on our sprouting seeds is a depressing task most days.  The minute you look and start to see signs of life in the pot is so wonderful!!!!!  I did notice the water patrol has been using a spray bottle and when I checked the soil, it seemed rather dry.  I will monitor the kids better because I do not think they are keeping the soil wet enough.  We have covered all the pots with plastic wrap to help keep the moisture in and that seems to help as well. 

So far, we have some Coli's coming up in the yellow pot which will be nice for our flower gardens!  No sign of life in the vegetable pots!  Come on little plants!  You can do it!   

Meanwhile, in the coop, the gang has been getting out sporatically.  They do not like to walk in the snow and we've been still seeing some of that here and there.  Now that the clocks have changed, we are excited that they have more time outside.  I think we finally have them trained to check out the compost bin out first when they mass exit their run.  They are having a fun time scratching in the neighbor's empty garden and some freshly cleaned out brush areas my husband spent afew days 'thinning out' to reclaim some yard.  We quickly have to work on plans for fencing.  I do not want the chickens invading the neighbor's garden once they plant so that will be the next project.  I was hoping for some temporary fencing as we will need to close off our garden area as well, but will love to have them access it when it needs cleaning up after the season! 

We also have lots of bare back hens.  The ones lower on the pecking order are missing feathers.  It seems to be Mr Lila's mating habits.  We feel bad for the girls.  Found you can buy 'aprons' for them that attach around their wings with elastic and protect their back for when he gets on them.  Might have to order one as they are pretty inexpensive.  My mother could make some more for us if need be.  The 2 Easter Eggers, Prissy and Flower, all of a sudden had their beards plucked as well!  We aren't sure who the feather plucker is, but Weissy and Rosa, the Barred Rocks are at the top of the pecking order and they are not nearly as sad looking as the other 3 so I suspect they may be involved.  Of course, Lila is also a suspect.  We still have the heat lamp going and the heater under the water dish.  I am so ready to turn all of that off, but unfortuately, our winter here shows no sign of slowing!  It was just flurrying afew minutes ago!