Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A New Season Approaches....

Spring is Springing! 

I don't feel it has truly SPRUNG just yet.  But it's getting there!  Our goal this summer, is to continue the venture of being a little more self sufficient.  When we first moved in, we had a small garden that Kenny cared for (as I spent the first 9 months of life in this house pregnant and later tending to back to back kids).  As we got busy with the babies, the garden fell by the wayside and was seeded back into yard.  Last year's goal was to raise our chickens.  So far so good!  They provide us with 4-5 eggs per day and it's so nice to not have to buy them at the grocery store!  This year, we are going back to the garden.  I ordered some heirloom seeds (hopefully SIMPLE things to grow) so we can take a stab at it.  I celebrated my birthday on Sunday (on the river....) and my daughter took it upon herself to get the seeds potted and planted.  She did a great job.  Now we sit and wait and watch. 

Kenny selected the spot in the yard he wanted to make into a garden and while cleaning out our brush, he decided what better way to destroy the grass than start a bonfire.  Hopefully this was a good idea!

We now have a lovely charred spot in our backyard!  Hopefully the kids will have fun digging it up as we plan on enlisting them! 

As you can see....I am constantly being stalked by my little friend.  Afew minutes later, I opened the door a speck and he almost came at me.  I quickly slammed it shut and a second later I might have had his head on a platter, darn. 

As for my birthday.......all I can say is....


And afew hours in my kayak on the Lehigh River!
This MotherClucker received a card from her bestie with the following awesome quote credited to Abraham Lincoln:
It's not the years in your life that count, it's the life in your years!
-Peace Cluckers!