Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Deep Freeze Continues.....

My greeting this morning from Flower (front) and Prissy (rear), fine purveyors of green eggs!  (Ok, well we are still waiting for Flower to start laying them!!!!)  These girls are lowest in the pecking order and they are the friendliest gals in the bunch.  I delivered an apple core with some warm oatmeal.  I'm an awesome mom like that!  ;)

Everyone weathered last night's cold well.....except Lila.  
Notice the black on the top of his comb and edge of his waddle?  This is frostbite!   (ok, I cannot tell a lie.....if I had walked out and he was frozen solid, I would not have shed a tear! hahaha)  Well, after showing up at work and talking to 2 guys who also keep chickens....they both told me they put their heat lamps on....I decided this might be the next step for us during this deep freeze.  Turns out, as I was on my way home and talking to my husband, he had already hooked up the heat lamp!  Wow, we were actually on the same page about something!  He did find 4 eggs today (as usual) and they were all frozen when  he collected them.  No cracked shells, so in the fridge they go.  

I left the gang closed up in the coop today.  I did prop one of the hatches open for some ventilation during the day.  Kenny closed it up again tonight and hoping that all will be well now that the heat lamp is on.  

I love how the party lights are lit up along with the heat lamp!  Makes me laugh.  I could feel the heat when I opened the hatch to take the picture, so I'm sure they will be toasty tonight.  

I read lots of info that says insulating your coop is overkill....we did insulate ours with foam in between 2 sheets of T-111.  I also read they don't need heat.  Well, I suspect they will not be complaining at all with the extra warmth these days!  I hope there is enough ventilation.  I did notice the breath coming out of their noses this morning.....and it really puts into perspective the moisture they give off.  (too much in the coop is bad....bad for their health and also can contribute to the frost bite)  

Here's to the chickens having a warmer night tonight!  Poor little cluckers, I bet they are dreaming of spring....just like I am!

Keepin' warm.....