Thursday, December 27, 2012

Happy Holidays, Cluckers!

Sorry it's been a while since I've updated.  Not much going on with the flock.  Things have been chugging along.  My Barred Rocks are still laying most days, Prissy gives us green eggs in a pattern:  2 days on, 1 day off.  The excitement today was finding 3 brown eggs.  Rosa's solid tan, Weissy's white flecked tan and the third was about the same shade of tan with dark brown flecks.  GRUN!  Pretty sure it's our Welsummer, Grun!  Welsummer eggs appear to be all over the board from flecked like we got, to dark and chocolate looking.  I'm in the process of looking to see if her eggs will change color of if this is the final coloring she will lay.  It does appear that the dark egg layers fluctuate coloring through the seasons.  The egg was streaked with quite a bit of blood, which is normal for a new layer, but none of the other chickens had this problem.  I hope she is ok....I didn't get to look at her tonight as we all got home after dark.  The one egg also had a small crack in the shell and I suspect it's contents froze.  Not a problem as the membrane isn't broke.  It will just be one of the first eggs we should use.  We also have to be very diligent now about checking the water.  Frozen water doesn't do the birds any good and in fact is very bad.  There are elements you can buy to keep the water from freezing and depending on how bad the struggle is, we might have to concede to buying one.  Now I feel like i should go out and take their water dish out for the night.  Without Lila attacking me!!!  (and no, he hasn't gotten any better either!)

Speaking of Lila, I noticed the other week that his spurs are starting to poke out of his nubs.  Not great news for me since he is like Rooster ninja with those legs.  Winter isn't so bad since I have jeans on, but he has left quite afew bruises on my legs thus far without the claws.  I am no closer to making friends with him than I was afew months ago, sad to say. 

I must say, with 3 regular layers, and not being huge egg eaters (I use for baking and we eat eggs maybe once a week or so)....that is a good mix for our family.  We end up with a dozen to spare every 2 weeks or so and have been presenting them to our friends and family.  I'm sure once the last 2 start regularly laying, we may even have more to give away.  It's a nice little gift!  I think people appreciate it!

Top left egg is Rosa's (Barred Rock and is solid tan).  Top right and bottom left is Weiss' (also Barred Rock and her is lighter tan flecked with white), Bottom right is Grun's egg.  Flecked with dark brown.

Glad I went out.....water was freezing up.  Brought in the waterer and good excuse to bleach it.  I'll give it back to them in the morning. 

Happy New Year Peeps!