Sunday, December 30, 2012

Grun Lays 2nd Egg!

We've waited 2 days since Grun's first egg.  It was a little of a disappointment as we were expecting a real dark egg.  Although it is flecked with dark pigment, it wasn't what I was hoping for.  Today, however, you can see the egg is afew shades darker.  Today's egg is on the left in the pictures above.  I know the dark eggs do fluctuate in intenseness based on time of year, molting status, etc.  I also read that the dark pigment is almost sprayed on at the end of the egg laying process.  When the bird lays lots of eggs, there is a tendancy to 'run out' of dark pigment so that the eggs are lighter.  Then, during molt when they do not lay, it gives the pigment a change to build back up in the bird's system and when she starts laying again, the pigment will be dark again.  Told in it's very unscientific way, this seems ludicris, but that is what the chicken experts say.  I will continue to monitor Grun's eggs to see if the color continues to change.  She is not expected to lay as much as the Barred Rocks, so hoping she gets on a schedule just like the others seem to be.  Prissy's day off is today as she laid the last 2 days.  She really seems to be sticking to her 2 days on/1 day off.  Her egg tomorrow will be here really early....before I go to work!

Update on the water warmer.  It works AWESOME!  Kenny went out last night about midnight to check and there was no sign of ice where they drink from.  He still will probably make some changes to the prototype, but for now, it's doing it's job quite well!

Lila's frosty legs.  He showed up on the back deck looking for a fight, I'm sure.  Nothing like being stalked by your rooster!

Have an EGGsellent New Years!