Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Chicken Whisperer.

Someday, that one person comes along that you thought you could never live without.
Lila thought so too!
Our little chicken keeper is doing a great job.  Genevieve has really gone above and beyond to help out with the flock.  She'll change their water, give them treats and fill their food.  She has such a beautiful, gentle way about her.  It's fun to watch her interact with the flock.  This morning, it dawned on me that something was very different in the way Lila treated her vs me or any other human.  While most of us are ready for the sneak attack, Genevieve was able to slowly and gently slink into the flock and stood right by Lila.  Instead of his usual puff out his neck feathers, give the hairy eyeball and start flapping and attacking.....I watched him circle around holding his wings up and one dragging towards the ground.  Then he took his legs and did a little stomp right at Genny's feet, continued with one single peck of the beak at her leg and then he backed off only to come back and do it all over again.  It was very sweet and not malicious, like it appears when he's in all out attack mode.  Genny stood still and spoke softly to him as he went through his dance. 
The key word here is DANCE.  He WAS dancing!  He was courting my 8 year old!!!  Facinating as it was, I have to admit it was a bit creepy.  I am very relieved that he wasn't being aggressive towards her, but WOW!!!  When I told her what I thought was happening, she smiled a big ol' jack o lantern smile.  She loves that she is adored by her rooster. 
I was able to confirm my suspicions by posting a thread on my favorite chicken board.  Yep, he indeed was courting Genevieve.  We witnessed him doing the same thing with the hens later. 
You never know where you will find always seems to sneak up on you!

Another tidbit about the bird's names.  Our kids had been taking an after school German Enrichment Class put on by their school district's high school German teacher.  They decided to name the chicks German colors.    Lila (LEE la) is purple, Grun (GROON) is green, Weiss (Veiss) is white, Rosa is pink,  I insisted one be named Prissy thanks to Foghorn Leghorn and Flower came from a wild turkey we found hanging in our yard afew years ago.  The kids called it Flower and they decided to reuse the name.  :)


Last night, I forgot to lock the coop door, so by the time I went down to lock them up for the night it was well past dark.  Our neighbors have gotten a new kitten and he lives outside.  He was out on the steps earlier and I assumed he went home since I didn't hear him crying anymore.  This morning, the girls were being pretty squawky and I'm not usually home at 10am, so I thought there might be an egg in the box and what I was hearing was happy mommy noises.  I check the box...nothing.  As I turn the corner I see what all the squawking was about.....

Pumpkin Pie as he is called quickly ran out the door and under our shed.  It appears that the chickens knew he didn't belong there, but they didn't give him a hard time about being there.  Hope he wasn't too traumatized!