Friday, June 21, 2013

Back to the Grind!

We noticed today some changes in the dynamics with the chicks and their mama.  Grun has been hanging in the coop when she gets the chance.  She also does not seem to be clucking to them like she had been.  Today, we left for afew hours and left her with the big gang in the main coop and enclosed the chicks in their little run.  There was no trauma, no squawking or calling by Grun.  The babies were calling, but quickly went about doing their chick business of eating and scratching.  After we left everyone out for the evening, Grun also stayed away from them.  She's not avoiding them per se, but doing her own thing.  They will sometimes follow her, but they have been scurrying around together in their own baby flock.  Genny just brought in another surprise from today! 

Grun laid an egg this evening!  It's not as dark as usual, but she has had a almost 2 month hiatus from egg laying due to her broodiness.  When she was young, they had slowly darkened over a period of a month or so.  I expect after seeing this egg, it will be the same.  You can definitely see the dark specks, which none of the other girls have in their eggs.  Here's hoping she won't decide to take up residence in the nest box again!!!  We have enough babies......for now!!!! 

I did have a moment with her today.....let her know that she has been a wonderful mama to those eggs we brought home and put under her.  The chicks are still afraid of us, but we are working on handling them so they trust us.  Made us miss Phoenix even more as we can really tell now how fond of us he was whereas these babies are all about the mama! 

Glad to see her first egg looked perfect!  She's been off layer feed since the chicks have been born, although the last few weeks she's been pretty much free ranging all day, so I'm sure she is picking up what she needs.  We also give her yogurt treats. 

The gang enjoying a snack of yogurt and oatmeal this hot afternoon.  The babies are with the big gals!

Flower full of yogurt!  Grun is behind her.
Enjoy your weekend!