Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Quiche Police

Lila is really trying my patience.  He is constantly ready to sneak attack and not a day goes by that I don't have to shove my foot in his chest.  It seems abusive, but the little guy is fierocious!  He doesn't attack the kids, so that is his only saving grace.  I've seen him on the Barred Rocks alot this week, so he is having a good time mating.  Hope he calms down soon!  I did notice Big Weissy has a bloody peck mark in her comb so I hope he isn't too rough.  Poor girls.  He's a good protector but such a bully.  It's sad because he was our favorite chick.  I feel like he's turned on us!  hahaha

Today is exactly 2 weeks since Weissy started laying.  She's been consistantly laying 1 egg per day.  This morning, after hearing some ruckous in the hen house, I went out to see them.  All but one were in the run.  Rosa was in the coop.  I could hear her making some soft quiet clucks.  She was definitely in the nest box.  I opened the coop door and they all ran out....Rosa quickly came down the ramp and exited.  I went right to the nest box and low and behold...A WARM EGG!  So Rosa laid!  So now I'm confused as I figured Weissy was our steady layer.  An hour or so later, I told Genevieve to check the nests again.  There is was!  Egg #2.  So after 2 weeks of a single hen (Weissy) laying daily....Rosa has laid her first egg!  I would assume we will be getting 2 daily now.  At some point, they will slow up as I believe their breed gives about 250 a year.  So exciting!  Now 3 more hens to go and it will only get more exciting as Prissy and Flower could lay green, blue or pink eggs and Grun is supposed to lay a spectacular terracotta/chocolate egg.  Lots of fun stuff going on in our little flock.  We really have to get on the extended day lighting at this point.....

Quiche baker and chicken enthusiast